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Visual Basic to C# Conversion.

Visual Basic to C# .NET Conversion We have extensive experience porting Visual Basic applications to the .NET platform.

We offer two approaches to the porting process. For simple applications, or for budget-minded clients, we offer the option of a straight code port. This is a straightforward and fast option for clients on a tight timeframe, or tight budget. By leveraging open-source conversion tools, we can keep the required hand-coding to a minimum, and rapidly deliver a .NET version of your application using its original architecture.

For clients looking to see the full benefit of the .NET platform, we recommend our partial re-architecture approach. We'll dig deep into your application to identify areas where the full Object-Oriented .NET object model can be brought into play. In some cases, this can involve a complete re-write of portions of the code. In many cases, this simply involves shifting some data access metaphors, and restructuring a few back-end objects to take full advantage of the C# language and .NET platform.

Regardless of the approach you wish to take, the end result will be an application that is significantly more stable, modifiable, and scalable in the future.

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