How to Watch the Superbowl over the Internet

WARNING: This Article is Out Of Date

I wrote this a year ago and, checking now, the link below is broken. Sorry about that!

If you do find a good site that's working this year, please let me know at [email protected] and I'll update this article.

The Superbowl may be the most important event in the American sports calendar, but most of the world just doesn't care about it. So what do you do if you're out of the country when it happens?

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, a place where it generally sucks to be most of the winter. As soon as I could do anything about it, I made a point of getting away for at least a month or so every winter. That did great things for my suntan, but I always seemed to be out of the country for the Superbowl.

In most parts of the developing world, that wasn't such a big deal. In Honduras, I watched the game in a beach bar over marlin steaks and beers. In Malaysia, it was just a matter of banging on the door of the local "english pub", waking up the barman, and finding the game on TV. On the beach in Thailand, all it took was a 6am raid to kick on the generator at one of the beach bars, thus waking up the staff and asking for a large pot of coffee while I figured out how to work the TV.

Europe, however, is a different matter. Try convincing the surly Basque behind the counter to keep his bar open until 2am on a Sunday, and you'll see what I mean. If you can find a hotel room with a TV, maybe you'll be in good shape, but only if they happen to have a good satellite provider that happens to carry the game.

So here I am, with 11 hours to spare, furiously scouring the web, looking to find a way to stream the game to my laptop. If you're reading this article on Superbowl Sunday, chances are you're doing the same thing. Here's the story:

The big players in streaming video don't seem to be much help. Yahoo's NFL Game Pass doesn't do postseason games. The NFL doesn't seem too interested in streaming their games, even after a petition from football fans asking for it. DirectTV will actually let you watch the Superbowl live! You just need to sign up for their $269 football season pass and then give them another $99 for their "SuperFan" program that gives you access to the Big Game. Uh... Thanks?

Cricket to the rescue!

What to do then? This obscure British website called Cricket on TV will give you a pass to watch the Superbowl for $15. It's that easy. Just sign up at their site, give them your credit card details, and go start stocking up on beer & pretzels. Sorted.

Again, for those just scanning down:

This site had last year's Superbowl on Streaming Video, but it's gone now.

Too bad you can't get it for free. But hey, if you're a football fan, you know that this is important. It's worth the money.

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